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Global Woman Club

A global company focused on the empowerment in business for women. Founded by Mirela Sula and followed by hundreds of amazing women from different industries and life-paths Global Woman has reached more than 30 countries in just a couple of years. 

Art Director 2018-2019: Kristina Culaj
Brand Identity Coordination, Visual Communication, Advertising Campaigns 

Worked with an amazing team of 6 in production of marketing projects, promotional materials (video, photography, graphic design), website design, copywriting and audio/visual needs for Global Woman
Coordinated graphic design projects and campaigns from concept through completion through different mediums.
Developed artwork and layouts for print and digital signage, banners, posters, publications, websites, landing pages, newsletter, digital campaigns, flyers, videos etc.
Led in the video production process (Pre-production, storytelling, lighting, set-design, audio, filming, editing, motion graphics, color-correction, exporting).
Served as a creative guide for all key projects and events.
Overseed the organization’s social media brand strategies, B2B and B2C communications.
Consulted and trained staff on effective use of technology, digital tools, implementations and technical equipment.
Designed and build landing pages and web funnels for offers and campaigns, a good example of which is the Global Woman Academy Membership Site.

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